We provide affordable global real estate investments

Our Approach
Through risk management and blockchain technology, your investments are ensured with high-ROI and low-risk projects, managed, enforced and verified through transparent processes
Our Philosophy
We believe in providing affordable investments in a multi-trillion industry by allowing them to choose real estate project assets from all over the world.

How We Help People

We help investors have more diverse assets in their portfolio through real estate investing. With Westrend, they can choose real estate projects globally and invest through safe, transparent transactions.
Project managers will no longer have trouble finding funding for their high-ROI properties. Westrend allows them to list down their real estate projects. After the projects go through stringent verification, they are then posted in Westrend for investors to crowdfund.
People as a whole, benefits in the mass adoption of blockchain that ensures transparency, efficiency and speed of transactions. With blockchain’s decentralized system, people gain economical and financial advantages.
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Our mission is to provide affordable global real estate investments with blockchain technology.
We inspire people towards financial stability and freedom through real estate investing and cryptocurrency.
From Southern California to around the world, discover how we grew into one of the top real estate blockchain companies today.
We understand blockchain technology can be unfamiliar to others. Contact us or browse our FAQs to satisfy your burning inquiries.
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