Westrend Opens Early Release Platform At Booming Token Sale

With its rapid token sale, Westrend is releasing its early platform on October 31st, 2018 for its community.

Westrend Founder Verlin Sanciangco says, “37 million WES Tokens are already sold. We’re excited to share the Westrend Platform so that people can invest globally.”

Westrend will also be introduced on the Vietnam Blockchain Powerhouse Seminar on the same day. The said program aims to increase awareness on effective real estate investment with blockchain technology and optimal online payment to expand business systems.

At the same day, WES Tokens will also be officially registered in LAToken on the same day, increasing its exposure to more than 80,000 traders.

With the flooding of potential investors worldwide, Westrend will soon conduct its Token Sale Generation from November 1st to November 7th, 2018.

People can get their WES Tokens to invest in Westrend with a guarantee return of 10–20% in 60 days. To learn more about Westrend, go here. If you have already signed up but are new to the site, go here.