Westrend Live on National TV, Blockchain Mass Adoption Soars

Photo credit to logos.wikia.com

Westrend Founder and CEO Verlin Sanciangco raises blockchain mass adoption on “Pambansang Almusal” of Net25 TV Station, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation this November 15, 2018.

Hosted by Mr. Leo Martinez and Ms. Phoebe Publico, Mr. Sanciangco, along with Mr. El Pangulayan Buelva, discussed what blockchain technology is and how it works. Mr. Sanciangco further elaborated on used cases of said technology on voting, businesses and financial empowerment.

They also talked about fake businesses who exploit words such as “cryptocurrency”, “mining” and “blockchain”, along on how to detect and avoid such money schemes.

The show concluded with Mr. Sanciangco inviting everyone to the event, Manila Blockchain Powerhouse on November 16, 2018 in Mind Museum (www.blockchainpowerhouse.info).

Video can be viewed here.