Terms and Conditions


Client acknowledges that Verlin Sanciangco, DBA Westrend Capital (the “Company”), Westrend, Mindgenix Technoloy Inc., does not sell shares nor sells securities and the tokens received cannot be treated as such but it is a medium of exchange and another form of currency.

1. Smart Contract

The Ethereum Smart Contract Technology is open source. Smart Contracts are programs that execute exactly as how they are set up by their creators.

2. Wallet Address

Tokens purchased including bonus tokens shall be distributed to an ERC20 token wallet address provided by client. Buyer agree not to hold Verlin Sanciangco, DBA Westrend Capital, Westrend, Mindgenix Technology Inc., and any member of his team responsible for any loss, damage, or legal liability that may arise from buyer’s inability to provide a correct ERC20 wallet address and buyer’s lost or stolen wallet address.

3. Guarantees and Warranties

Client fully understands and acknowledge that Westrend does not offer guarantees that token value will increase or decrease.