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Checklist Project Documents

To structure an optimum funding solution for you as fast as possible, we ask you to
send us in particular the following documents:

Comprehensive project description (including construction plans, extract of real estate register and the commercial register)
Business plan with detailed information on income and expenses
Real estate appraisal
Feasibility and market studies including location analysis
Information about the utilization of the project.

Easy steps to get your project listed

1 Project Manager Info
2 Basic Project Information
3 Funding Information
4 Smart Contract

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We offer financial advantages to encourage investors to join our real estate crowdfunding program.
Have the support of investors globally
Observe high ethical standards
Preserve clients' confidence
Maintain an independent perspective
Required building & other permissions by public authorities.
Current balance sheets and auditor’s reports.
Other relevant information about your company and the project sponsors involved.
Easier and Faster
The more your projects get support, the more that they are exposed to other investors.
Prioritize efficiency over quantity
Turn obstacles into opportunities
Create a base of investors
Experience dependable customer support