Our Roadmap

Brief history

In the late 2017, Verlin Sanciangco, Founder of Westrend, was thinking of how he could excel in the real estate industry more. He thought of its current issues and how those could be addressed. It was then that he stumbled upon and realized how blockchain technology can revolutionize the real estate industry starting with crowdfunding and investing.
Q4 2017
Team development, first website construction, and first business strategy formation.
Q1 2018
Pre-sale marketing, first and second phases of pre-sale begins, marketing team expansion, formal launching of marketing, advertising and branding campaigns, launching live events and online events globally.
Q2 2018
Last phase of the pre-sale offering, expanding live events and online events globally as well as token launch, development of Token Sale Dashboard, and creation of WES Token Newsletter for investors
Q3 2018
Launch of Token Sale Dashboard, continued development of the Westrend platform, and increased marketing.
Q4 2018
The Alpha version launch of the Westrend Platform. Aggressive marketing and branding of all Westrend related products and services in USA, Vietnam, Philippines, Dubai, India, and other countries.
Q1 2019
Launch of mobile Westrend platform app where investors can invest in different real estate projects easier using mobile devices.