The Leadership Behind Westrend

Meet the people that started Westrend and made it possible; from its initial release up to its continued operation and maintenance, they aim to deliver the easier, safer, and more profitable real estate investing.
Verlin Sanciangco

Verlin Sanciangco

Founder and CEO
Taking pride in nearly two decades of real estate experience, Verlin spearheads his top-notch team of industry leaders, financial analysts, consultants, property professionals, experts, sales team, and marketing specialists in Westrend, paving the way for the revolutionary fusion of blockchain technology and the inevitable expansion and growth of the real estate industry through innovation, transparency, security, and trust through WES and the Westrend Platform.

Alex Sanciangco

Chief Operations Officer - Mindgenix Technology, Inc.
Alex wears a great number of feathers in his hat having nearly a decade’s experience in digital marketing. Started out as a web developer, he honed his craft and mastered a wide array of web programming language and multimedia web tools, became a product manager, and rose to become the COO of a digital marketing agency.

Alvin Veroy

Chief Technology Officer - Mindgenix Technology, Inc.
Alvin has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Engineering products focused on the Internet of Things. As a pioneer in blockchain, he aims to bring the revolutionary technology to the Philippines and develop innovative applications of blockchain for multiple industries.

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