How It Works

Using Westrend, your real estate investment is secured using
Smart Contracts and advanced blockchain technology.

There are lucrative real estate investment opportunities not only in the
Southern California real estate market but globally as well. These opportunities are not
available to all due to limited funds,resources, and low accessibility.
But through Westrend, the opportunity is yours.

Real Estate Investing
Made Better

  • Diversify your portfolio with real estate
  • Earn 10 – 20% expected return in 180 days
  • Maximize your earnings with no fee
  • Your investment guaranteed by Smart Contracts

Invest your money using our easy-to-use platform, according to your goals, in a diverse portfolio of real estate projects strategically acquired and actively managed to grow your net worth.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .


Step 1

Sign up for an account on the WES Token Dashboard and go through an easy whitelisting process.

Step 2

Load up on WES Tokens using Ethereum or Bitcoin. Use your WES Tokens to Buy, Sell, Invest in Real Estate Properties.

Step 3

Choose from our wide array of real estate investment projects from around the world.

WES Token at 0.40 USD

Priced at 0.40 USD per token, WES Token provides safer, easier, and more profitable opportunities for all.

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