Frequently Asked Questions

For Investors

The Westrend crowdfunding real estate investment platform caters to two user types: Investor and Project Manager/Owner. These are the questions frequently asked by potential investors.
How to use the platform?
Here's the link to our video guide to get you started:
What do I need to start?
You need an ETH wallet, which you can create through the Trust Ethereum Wallet App or the Metamask browser extension, and WES Token.
How long until I get my profit?
Projects usually last a month or two before completion and will then take ten days for processing before your invested WES and return-of-investment is sent to your ETH wallet.
How can I track my investment?
Currently, the platform does not include the feature to view and track your investment. This feature will be included in later versions and the only way to track your investment is manually through a blockchain explorer such as
Where can I buy WES Token?
Currently, WES Token is available through the LAToken Exchange. Please refer to the guide below.
How much does WES Token cost?
The price of WES Token depends on activity in the exchange and can range from $0.10 at the lowest to $0.50 at its current highest. We advise you to buy whenever the price is low (increasing its value), invest in a project, earn profits, and cash out when the price gets high.
Is it better to just trade my WES on exchanges rather than use them in the Westrend platform?
No. If you were to use WES Token like how Bitcoin is usually utilized for profit, you wouldn’t be making the best out of it. If you rely on trading, you’d have to wait for a relevant amount of time for any significant profit. However, if you use your WES Token in the Westrend platform, you’ll be increasing its value and at the same time get more WES after each project you invest in.

For Project Managers/Owners

The Westrend platform is not limited for investors alone. It is also for project managers that need capital to build their project.
How to list my project for crowdfunding?
For project managers/owners that want to list their projects in the Westrend platform, fill out the form here:
Once the crowdfunding for my project is complete, how long does it take until I can withdraw the funds?
It will be the same as with investors: 10 days processing.