Frequently Asked Questions

1. Upon going to the Westrend Official Website, the first button you might see is the “Get WES Tokens Now!” button. If you want to get your WES Tokens, click on either buttons pointed by the red arrows:

2. You’ll be taken to the WES Dashboard. Click on “Create an Account Here” (pointed by the red arrow) if you still don’t have an account.

3. Fill up the necessary information. Then click Register.

4. You can now log in to your new Westrend account:

5. Log in with your email address and password.

6. Verify your email address.

7. Visit your email address’ inbox after.

8. Upon receiving the verification email, click the link inside the message. You will then receive this message to log in.

9. When returning back to https://dashboard.westoken.io,  you will be greeted by the next step of Westrend Platform Registration. Kindly put in your Ethereum Address and click Proceed. If you don’t have an Ethereum Address yet, click here (link not yet added) to find out how.

10. You will then receive confirmation. After you are whitelisted, you will be able to buy WES Tokens.

11. Click on any of the social media icons to share Westrend’s wealth opportunities to your friends. Click on the “Proceed” button after.

12. Congratulations, you are now set to buy your WES Tokens.

1. Go to My Ether Wallet’s official website: https://www.myetherwallet.com/

2. Enter a memorable but strong password (a combination of numbers, small letters and big letters are recommended) and click on Create New Wallet.

3. Click on Download Your Keystore File. Your Keystore File contains your Public Key aka Ethereum Address and your encrypted Private Key. Give your Public Key to others so that they can send funds to your Ether Wallet. Never share your Private Key to anyone or else you’ll lose ownership of your Ether Wallet.

4. After reading the tips below the Download Keystore File button, click on “I understand. Continue.” button.

5. Write down your Private Key. Store it somewhere safe. Have it printed by clicking on the Print Paper Wallet button.

6. Store the offline Private Key information somewhere safe where it would not be lost or forgotten. Once again, never show it to anyone else. And you’re done!

1.  Visit https://metamask.io/

2. It’s recommended to use MetaMask with Google Chrome Browser, Firefox Browser, Opera Browser or Brave Browser. By getting an extension for Metamask, you’re making it more secure to use your Ethereum Wallet online. If you’re using Google Chrome Browser, click on Chrome Extension.

3. Click the “Add to Chrome” button.

4. Click the “Add Extension” button.

5. Click on the MetaMask Icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

6. Click on the “Try It Now” button

7. Click on the “Continue” button.

8. Create a password and click the “Create” button.

9. Click on the “Next” button.

10. Scroll down to read the Terms of Use. Click on the “Accept” button.

11. Read the instructions in MetaMask and click the “Accept” button.

12. Read the Phishing Warning Information and Click on the “Accept” button.

13. Click the “Click Here to Reveal Secret Words” button. Write down the Secret Backup phrases and keep it somewhere safe. Click the “Next” button.

14. Select the correct sequence of your Secret Backup Phase and click the “Confirm” button.

15. Click on the “View Account” button under Directly Deposit Ether.

16. Write down your Public Key aka Ethereum Address. Your Public Key is the one you show to others so that they can send you your tokens.

17. Your can view your Ethereum Wallet on Etherscan by clicking on the “View Account on Etherscan” button.

18. You can download your Private Key by clicking on Export Private Key.Your Private Key ensures you alone owns your funds. Never show it to anyone.

19. Type in your MetaMask password and click then “Confirm” button.

20. Write down your Private Key and keep it in a safe place. Once again, never show it to anyone.

1. If you want to access your Ethereum Wallet by phone, use Trust Wallet. Install the Trust -Ethereum and ERC20 Wallet App into your phone.

2. Open the Trust App and click on the “Create Wallet” button.

3. Write down the 12 Backup Phrases and keep it somewhere safe. These will be important in accessing your Ethereum Wallet. Click on the “Next” button.

4. Click on the words to put them into the proper sequence of your 12 Backup Phrases. Click on the “Done” button.

5. Your Wallet is now created! Click on the “Done” button.

6. Your Public Address or Public Key will be used to send funds to you. To view your Public Address, Click on Ethereum (ETH).

7. Click on the “Receive” button.

8. You can now view your Public Address.

In order to buy WES Tokens, one must first buy Ethereum. To buy Ethereum, they can go to any of these sites:

Supports countries worldwide:

–> https://cex.io/promo/

–> https://www.coinmama.com/ 

Supports Non-US countries:

–> https://www.etoro.com/ 

Supports Eurozone countries:

–> https://www.bitpanda.com 

Supports 33 countries:

–> https://www.coinbase.com 

1. After signing in to https://dashboard.westoken.io, click on Buy WES Tokens in the upper bar of your account.

2. Once you have Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash in your Ethereum Wallet, you can choose to buy WES Token with either cryptocurrencies.

3. You can then choose to pay via MetaMask or MEW.