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Join us to assist people to realize their potential with the simplest,
most effective and innovative real estate solutions.

We provide better opportunities for all!

All projects listed on our Investing platform are reviewed properly to ensure authenticity and using smart contracts,
all funds invested will be returned should an investment project fail, eliminating investment loss.

Westrend Realty

Investment listings managed by Westrend Realty.
Westrend Realty is a full-service real estate company based in southern California servicing buyers, sellers and homeowners as well as property management situations, tenants, and investors while also identifying profitable real estate investment opportunities designed to generate high rates of return.

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Mindgenix Inc.

The brain behind Westrend.
Mindgenix Technology Inc. is a software development company in the Philippines specializing in advanced technology and blockchain solutions. Mindgenix accepts clients internationally due to the increasing applications of this new technological innovation with the vision of bringing blockchain technology closer to its full potential.

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Westrend Consulting

Westrend Consulting offers investment consulting solutions to clients anywhere around the world. Our team of experts have extensive experience in different markets and industries ranging from Real Estate, Technology, Financials and Stocks.

With global partners across different countries, Westrend Consulting has a diverse list of portfolio to match the needs of our partner investors. In our commitment to our clients’ success, we submit to a culture of risk management, offering only projects that increases ROI at the least amount of risk.

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