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WESTREND.IO investing platform uses a standard and mandatory ERC20 WES Token which is a cryptocurrency designed to function as a crowdfunding token and as a digital currency. Through WES Token, a global investor has access to real traditional business projects and Real Estate projects beyond the normal limited borders of the investors’ market area or country. A global investor will have a unique access to business projects that will yield real return for a fraction of the costs of participation which is mostly and normally reserved for the affluent community.


Investing Reinvented w/ Westrend

WES Token is leveling the playing field for small investors to have an international participation to different businesses and Real Estate projects that wholly support the Blockchain community which is currently over $200 Billion-dollar strong.


Using technology to fix major issues

Problems such as accessibility, a limited amount of funds and resources, and the matter of legibility and security during the process of investing. Westrend investing platform and WES Token aim to utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to fix these issues.


Invest from anywhere in the world

WES Token through its platform, will allow small investors and big investors alike same access and same profit return by leveraging the advanced technology of Blockchain.


See Our Team

Westrend team aims to disrupt the way investing works by creating a platform that will allow investors to transact with business and real estate projects around the globe.

Meet The Brains

An innovative team of like-minded people creating useful and state-of-the-art technology products. Collective intelligence is always stronger, and combined experience is always broader.