A Smart New World: How the Manila Blockchain Powerhouse Empowered the Filipinos

Westrend CEO and Founder Verlin Sanciangco talks as one of Philippines’ leading blockchain pioneers.

On the 16th of November 2018 in the Mind Museum, Manila Blockchain Powerhouse introduced progress, both to the Filipino and the country.

The speakers were presented by Mindgenix Technology CMO JP Galinato, who each offered the many ways blockchain technology can uplift people’s lives.

Mindgenix Technology CMO JP Galinato welcomes the guests and initiates the event.


Westrend CEO and Founder Verlin Sanciangco shared his story of revolutionizing affordability to invest in real estate. As Philippines’ blockchain pioneer, Mr. Sanciangco showed how blockchain technology can be adopted for trustworthy voting systems and state of the art IOT projects.

Mindgenix Technology CTO Alvin Veroy communicates of his blockchain advocacy.

Interest heightened when Mindgenix Technology CTO Alvin Veroy spoke with Mindgenix’s advocacy to increase schools’ financial sustainability by installing mining farms to schools with renewable energy which will fund children’s education.

Blockchain advocate and entrepreneur Shariff Ibrahim Albani speaks for the country’s need for better systems.

Blockchain advocate and entrepreneur Shariff Ibrahim Albani vocalized transparent governance through blockchain technology. With an accountable, trackable system that blockchain gives, graft and corruption are prevented.

QuickX COO Kshitij Adhlaka gives the convenience of QuickX to cryptocurrency exchange.

People cheered at QuickX COO Kshitij Adhlaka’s introduction of their QuickX wallet. Said hardware wallet allows a person to buy and exchange cryptocurrency online and offline with zero exchange fees.

Global Citizen Capital Founder and CEO Kenneth Kwok presents the business expansions blockchain gives.

Global Citizen Capital Founder and CEO Kenneth Kwok conversed about his experience as the CIO of the Antigua and Barbuda Special Economic, informing industry leaders and magnates on the opportunities blockchain creates. People are able to buy Antiguan citizenship through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, attracting more people to the Caribbean Islands and expanding its market.

DJ Tina Ryan and DJ DannieBoi fire up the crowd.

The event were hosted by DJ Tina Ryan and DJ DannieBoi. The Alab Poi Dancers and members of The Madrigal Singers captivated the crowd with their blazing talents.

The Madrigal Singers entertains as dinner is served.
An Alab Poi Dancer dazzles with a light and dance show.

The Manila Blockchain Powerhouse then ended with an enlightened audience and a hope for a better tomorrow.