Real Estate or Stocks? Which is the better investment?

Real Estate or Stocks? Which is the better investment?

When the topic of investing is brought up, stocks are the more commonly familiar and recognized. Granted, stock investing has proven itself to be a bringer of wealth in any country so long as wit is used in the right way and at the right time. Whereas real estate investing is only more prevalent in countries or areas with enough real estate opportunities.

Both types of investing has proven itself in the course of history but what is the better choice?


Stocks investing allows you to buy a “part” of a company making you a stock holder. This entitles you to a share of the company’s revenue and profit equal to your investment. This is the easier investment as you do not need to decide for the company leaving your investment in the hands of others. It is also easier to buy and sell as it is a non-tangible investment. Having stocks on a company is more or less just a legal title wherein stocks can also rise and plummet depending on the market.

Real Estate

In comparison to stocks, real estate investing is a tangible investment. You can see the land, you can see the property, you can see its development. Real estate investing is also the safer investment because you are investing in actual physical development with profit coming faster and more stable than most stock investments. Depending on the type of real estate investment, you also have control over its management with some allowing regular profit/returns or a one-time return-of-investment. It is also the most time-tested investment.


Both stocks investing and real estate investing can net you the profit you want, although in different ways. Stocks can potentially give you the profit you want while exerting less effort while real estate is a safer choice with a stable profit. To choose just one type to invest in is a waste as building up your investment portfolio can aid you in the long run. But as a starting point, neither traditional methods will work. Both stocks and real estate require a large sum to participate in.

Fortunately, the Westrend platform allows anyone to participate in real estate projects worldwide in a secure, easy, and accessible way for as low as you want without the complicated processes of traditional methods. Start diversifying your investment portfolio today and become an investor.

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