Investing Reinvented With
The Strength Of Blockchain Technology

Westrend is reinventing how you invest in real traditional business projects and Real Estate projects globally using Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology solutions to level the playing field for all.

We’ve just updated our platform, and it’s now easier & faster to invest using our platform. You can still access the old platform here >>


Your Business Made Easy

Investing is no longer reserved for the affluent and the super wealthy

Blockchain Technology continues to be a disruptive force breaking borders and social status reaching far beyond the capacities of centralized institutions and entities.

One of the biggest event in 2019 is happening in Tokyo, Japan

We are a global team of companies from USA, Vietnam, Japan, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, and Philippines with a powerful goal to bring technology, business, real estate, and opportunities to people around the world. Our passion is to help others and we seek to bring technology, business, and real estate opportunities to people around the world.

The Platform That Revolutionize The Way You Invest

For as low as 100 WES, using WES Token and the WESTREND investing platform, you now have access to business projects and Real Estate projects globally giving you the same profit return normally only offered to investors who have thousands of dollars and who are well-connected and well-informed.

A Blockchain Community that is over $200 Billion-Dollar Strong Can Be a Powerful Force for Change

WES Token, a crowdfunding token and a digital currency which continues to expand its utility in different Businesses’ products and services powered by Blockchain Technology.

Global Ease

Invest comfortably for as low as $100 in business & real estate projects globally

Reliable Returns

Attain up to 15% returns from screened legitimate projects in just 180 days!

Strengthened Security

Protect your investments with Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology

Long Term Investments

Be a part of projects that can yield profits year after year

Trusted by more than 1,800 investors

Westrend is a business and real estate crowdfunding platform, allowing you to diversify your portfolio with authenticated projects. With Westrend, you can participate in a multi-trillion dollar industry. Easier, safer and more profitable.

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