The Westrend Vision

To Provide Better, Safer, and More Profitable Real Estate Investment Opportunities for All



Invest in real estate projects around the world without needing to worry about additional hassles such as paperwork and lengthy processes.


All investment projects in the platform will be reviewed and verified through a thorough process before listing, ensuring that all projects listed are guaranteed legitimacy.


All your transactions on the platform are secured through cryptography and never worry about loss, as the smart contract also guarantees the return of your invested funds should a project fail.

Real Estate Investing
Made Better

  • Diversify your portfolio with real estate
  • Earn 10 – 20% expected return in 180 days
  • Maximize your earnings with no fee
  • Your investment guaranteed by Smart Contracts

Invest your money using our easy-to-use platform, according to your goals, in a diverse portfolio of real estate projects strategically acquired and actively managed to grow your net worth.

Projects Done





We provide better opportunities for all!

All projects listed on our Investing platform are reviewed properly to ensure authenticity and using smart contracts,
all funds invested will be returned should an investment project fail, eliminating investment loss.


Smart Contract

Smart contracts are digital protocols made to facilitate, manage, verify, and enforce the completion of a contract. This technology allows credible transactions to occur without the need for third parties.


As its medium of transaction, Westrend uses the WES Token. Using this cryptocurrency, interactions in the system are made easier, financial transactions are secure, and management of your funds are in your control.

Ease of Use

The platform is equipped with a dashboard allowing both investors and project managers to keep track of their funds and manage all assets with ease and comfort, giving a user-friendly experience.

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